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Maryambeeding secured the top position for wooden crafts supplies. We are a dream team working to offer the best buy wooden beading Patti in Nagpur. We master precise craftsmanship and carry forward the legacy of the oldest traditions of India.

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Wooden beading Patti ​


The ancient civilization first came up with this handmade wooden crafts. These are the follow up of beautifully crafted wood shaped into wonderful items. These handicrafts are proof of amazing craftsmanship skills developed over years. As India is considered as the land of rich culture, these crafts form a vital part of our country. The craftsmanship sector is also the second-largest source of employment in our country.

Today, Maryambeeding is one of the largest wooden beading patti suppliers in India. We have a superior hand in supplying customized wooden beading Patti all across the world. These wooden Patti are handcrafted masterpieces of different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. We are known for supplying high-graded wooden beads all over India and also shipping them to the world. Every single crafted beading Patti goes into a testimony for the quality of its material and the amazing craftsmanship that goes into making them. We have categorized products sorted according to prices or other categories to help you find your desired item with the utmost efficiency. Online browsing through our site saves your time and efforts and gives you the joy of witnessing an exceptional collection.

Features of Maryam wooden beading Patti

  • Durability – The Maryam wooden Patti is made of extremely durable and high-quality wood to make them last. These unique awestruck patties have a longer lifeline as they are a variety of teak wood beading Patti. Moreover, these long-lasting stipulations are available in varieties as per the need and demand.
  • Handmade – Owing to the quality and precise finish, our beading Patti is handmade. It takes a lot of time and hard work to craft this pattis but in the end, its charm says it a lot.
wooden beading Patt
  • High-quality wood – India has a vast variety of trees for manufacturing wooden beads. Wood from bamboo trees, Sheesham trees and alpine forests are usually used for beads as they have exceptional qualities like water-resistant, pest resistance and many more. Only the tree wood famous for their utility and beauty are used at Maryambeeding. We engrave wood into finely engraved beads to decorate your houses.
  • Customization – We produce wooden beading Patti in different patterns, styles and carvings to fulfil tailored user requirements. From size to design, everything is alterable at Maryambeeding according to the demand.

Types of customized wooden beading Patti by Maryambeeding

wooden beading Patti

  1. Wooden beading plain Patti
  2. Designer wooden beading Patti
  3. Woodblock designer wooden beading Patti
  4. Wooden beading Patti for door
  5. Rectangular wooden strip Patti
  6. Flower designed wooden beading Patti
  7. Teak wood wooden beading Patti plain.

What more you are looking for? Tell us and we would get it done for you.


The different types of Patti find their different uses. These Patti are famous for their royal grace and long structure. Let’s find out the main applications of our customized wooden beading Patti –

wooden beading Patti
  • They mainly find its use in making wooden furniture.
  • The wooden Patti is sometimes used for forming ceilings as per specifications.
  • It is also used as a decorative item in furniture, boxes and other crafts.
  • Due to their durable structure, they are also preferred in making doors and windows.
  • They are also used as a building material for wooden houses.

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